Dietrich Stephan, PhD Logo

Dietrich Stephan, PhD, Founder, Chairman and CEO

NeuBase Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: NBSE)

"Allele Capital is a world-class group of seasoned professionals who have propelled my company into the public markets thereby allowing us to maximize our impact on patients and create value for our shareholders. I view Allele as an extension of our management team, focused on planning and executing our capital markets strategy. I have been deeply impressed with the time that the team dedicates to us, their deep understanding of the segment in which we operate, the outstanding strategic guidance and also the breath of their network (including investors, board talent, bankers, analysts, etc.). I have worked with many top scientific researchers, business leaders, and marquis investors over the past several decades in more than two dozen companies. Allele is unique in that they are best-in-class in each of these areas but are also fully aligned in creating value for all shareholders. In this business, integrity is paramount as we are dealing with patient lives and shareholder dollars. Each member of the Allele team is of the highest integrity - a precious and rare commodity. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough."

Stephen Glover, Co-Founder Logo

Stephen Glover, Co-Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer

ZyVersa Therapeutics

"In 2015 during our company's founding, we began working with Shawn to assist us in raising capital and defining the focus of our company. Shawn has supported our strategic initiatives over the years through advisory and investment to help drive our success. He has always been available to help us as we transitioned through various company growth stages."

Robert Finizio Logo

Robert Finizio, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (Nasdaq: TXMD)

“In 2008 during our company’s inception, we began working with Shawn to advise us on various aspects of our corporate planning and to assist us in raising capital. Over the years, Shawn has supported us in our company’s growth initiatives through investment, advice and capital markets support. We view Shawn as a value-added advisor and investor”.

Shai Novik Logo

Shai Novik, Former Chief Executive Officer

Prolor Biotech, Inc. - Acquired by OPKO Health, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPK) in 2013

"Menachem shared our vision and believed in our team pre Proof of Concept. He identified our risk mitigated scientific strategy of developing proprietary versions of already approved therapeutic proteins, extending their lifespan without additional toxicity or loss of desired biological activity. He invested his own capital and used his network to become a champion of our company."