Capitalizing Life Science Innovations


Allele Capital is an advisory and merchant banking firm that provides value-added advice, proprietary investment and capital sourcing to the life sciences industry. Allele Capital provides its clients with unmatched strategic guidance and resources required to achieve desired milestones and maximize shareholder value. We foster trusted client partnerships, creative thinking, candid advice, and results that allow our clients to achieve short and long-term objectives.

Our Clients Say:
“World class” ​
“Extension of our management team”​
“Seasoned professionals”​
“Invested their own capital”​
“Became a champion of our company”​
“Deeply impressed”​
“Always available to help us through various growth stages”​
“Thorough understanding of our segment (biotech)”​
“Value add investors”​
“Mitigated risk”
“Identified our scientific strategy”​
“Shared our vision”​
“I simply cannot recommend them highly enough”

We Say:
When we succeed, it is due to ensuring that we have met or exceeded our clients’ expectations. We only focus in life sciences, which has allowed us to develop a deep vertical expertise through our comprehensive study of the industry and building extensive relationships with life science companies, executives and investors. Each day, we apply our knowledge and relationships to effectively advise, invest and raise capital for life science companies.

Not only do we limit our focus to the life science industry, but also our investment and capital sourcing focus. To ensure successful collaboration for our corporate and investment partners, we focus on two primary themes of alpha and access.​

We provide accredited and institutional investors with potential above-average returns, in return for above-average risk, in private-to-public and small-cap public life science investments. We focus on companies that can achieve initial liquidity, proof of concept, milestones and/or valuation inflection within 12 to 24 months from initial investment.

Our business rests on value-added relationships with proven life science entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, and investors worldwide. We team with them on strategy, funding initiatives and execution in order to maximize shareholder value. ​

Our approach combines the best elements of advisory, merchant banking and traditional investment banking which has allowed us to successfully advise, invest and raise capital for emerging life science companies with disruptive technology platforms and therapeutics focused on addressing unmet medical needs.​